There are a range of resources available for anyone researching Lyme disease.

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The Californian Lyme Disease Association website has lots of good information about Lyme Disease, as well as the latest news in the Lyme Disease Community. It is worth joining CALDA for their excellent magazine, Lyme Times.

The Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation website has good information about lyme disease.

Dr Nicola McFadzean (who is a member of the Association) has information about Lyme Disease on her practice website to assist medical practicioners and naturopaths.  Dr McFadzean recently gave a talk in Sydney on Lyme Disease in Australia – you can see her presentation slides (with information about diagnosis and treatment options) here.

The Karl McManus Foundation for Lyme Disease Awareness & Research has information about Lyme Disease in Australia and is funding and conducting research into Lyme Disease in Australia.  The aim of the Karl McManus Foundation is to erode the barriers to the recognition and treatment of Borreliosis, especially neuroborreliosis, in Australia and to contribute to knowledge in the world about borreliosis and other tick-borne infections.  This website has a good listing of scientific and medical journal articles on Lyme Disease.

Lyme Australia Recognition and Awareness – this is a great website with the most up to date and most comprehensive listing of research into Lyme Disease in Australia, including the ticks in Australia that can spread Lyme Disease and the birds that spread these ticks to and around Australia.

Living with Lyme Disease – this website has great tips and advice about living with Lyme Disease.  There is a section on being a teenager with Lyme Disease which has great advice for teenagers – but the advice is very relevant for people of all ages coping with having Lyme Disease in their life.

Treatment Guidelines

The Diagnostic Hints and Treatment Guidelines for Lyme and other tick borne illnesses by Dr J Burrascano – these are very comprehensive & have been used by Australian Doctors for a number of years.  These are the most comprehensive & up to date guidelines available.
The ILADS Treatment Guidelines – Evidence based guidelines for the treatment of Lyme Disease.

TREATing Doctors & Naturopaths

For Drs – please contact us if you would like to be sent a Drs information kit on Lyme Disease in Australia.

For Patients – After you have read the material on this website, you may be looking for a Dr or Naturopath to work with in diagnosing and treating your Lyme Disease. The Lyme Disease Association of Australia can help you find the most appropriate medical practitioner, drawing on the experience of our members.

Send your email to:

Please include in your email:

1)  Your geographic area, country, state, city, or region.

2)  your main symptoms, & why you suspect you may have Lyme disease

3)  Whether you are interested in working with the most experienced doctors/naturopaths in treating Lyme Disease (an LLMD), or if you are really just needing a Lyme Aware Dr to prescribe you the medications you need.

Your email will be received by Lyme Disease Association of Australia volunteers who will respond by email.

Pathology Laboratories

Currently the best laboratories to get Lyme Disease testing done at is the IGeneX lab in California and the Infectolab in Germany.  Both labs specialise in testing for Lyme Disease & the associated co-infections. You can read more information about them at their websites (Igenex & Infectolab). For information about how to ship your blood to the US  you can  download a copy of our  information sheet titled “How to send blood to IGENEX to get it tested for Lyme Disease and associated co-infections handout“.  For information on how to ship your blood to be tested by Infectolab in Germany, please contact Infectolab Australia.


A local Australian company, South Coast First Aid Training (run by a lovely husband & wife couple) are selling the Tick Twister, which is a tick removal tool that you can put on your key ring so you have it with you everywhere you go. They cost $12 plus $3 postage & are available through their website

Please see here for information on how to interpret Lyme Disease Blood test results.


There have been a number of really good books on Lyme Disease published recently — here are some recommended by members of the Association:

Insights Into Lyme Disease Treatment: 13 Lyme-Literate Health Care Practitioners Share Their Healing Strategies by Connie Strasheim, Maureen McShane M.D., and Thirteen Lyme-Literate Doctors

The Lyme Diet: Nutritional Strategies for Healing from Lyme Disease by Dr Nicola McFadzean

The Lyme Disease Solution by Kenneth B Singleton

Although the links for these books are to Amazon (to access the Look Inside feature, where available) the LDAA suggests that you purchase the books in Australia or through the author’s own websites.

Email Groups

There are two main email support groups for people with Lyme Disease in Australia

Aussie Lyme is a support group for people who have Lyme Disease or suspect they may have Lyme Disease.  Members of this email group use a wide range of treatment options including antibiotics, herbs, supplements etc.

Lyme OZ is similar to Aussie Lyme, but has more of a focus on alternative treatments available for Lyme Disease.


You can find the Lyme Disease Association of Australia on Facebook – join us so we can chat about what is happening with Lyme Disease for us here in Australia and around the world.  News from the Lyme Disease community is regularly posted here.

There is also two active Australian Support groups on Facebook: Lyme Australia & Friends and  Aussie Lyme.

In Bellingen in NSW there is also an active support group called Lyme Links – you can find more information about the group here and you can also email them

Members around Australia get together from time to time to meet and support each other – recent events have been held in Canberra, Perth and Sydney.  These informal gatherings are organised by members themselves and advertised on the Aussie Lyme and Lyme Oz email and facebook groups.


Under Our Skin explores the lives of several Lyme Disease patients, as well as looking at the controversy surrounding Lyme Disease in the USA (which has a direct impact on how Lyme Disease is treated in Australia).  It is a beautiful piece of cinematography which made the intermediate short list of documentaries chosen to be honoured by the Oscars (as well as winning many other awards).  You can view trailers of the movie on their website, and also order a copy of the DVD.  It is also now available to view by download through itunes.

Other support groups

There is a group of people in Australia who have Sarcoidosis and Lyme Disease – you can see information about their group here and here (they have two sites & a very funky logo!)

T-Shirts and other Merchandise

You can purchase Lyme Disease themed t-shirts from the Lyme Disease Association of Australia, as well as mugs, journals, aprons, etc here.  Spread the word about Lyme Disease in Australia whilst you are working, walking the dog, or having your morning cuppa.  All proceeds go to the Lyme Disease Association of Australia.