LYME Disease Protest in Sydney – September 2012

On the 14th of September 150 people travelled from all over Australia to attend the protest at the offices of the NSW Department of Health – and those many people who could not attend were represented by members holding their photos and telling their stories.  It was a resounding SUCCESS!!  A number of people spoke, including members of the union movement, as they recognize that Lyme Disease is a huge growing concern for workers who are exposed to ticks on a daily basis through their work outside.

Two exceptional outcomes were that members of the Lyme community were invited to speak with Dr Jeremy McAnulty (Director of the NSW Department of Health’s Health Protection Directorate), and some promises were made by him – you can see the minutes of that meeting on our website here – page 1 & page 2.

The second exceptional outcome, was that after  a year of putting in Freedom of Information requests that mysteriously kept getting lost in the post, the Lyme Disease Association of Australia’s application to have all information given to us around how NSW Health conducted their review into Lyme Disease in April 2011 has finally been accepted – this will mean we can discover for the first time WHO was responsible for this review (we currently believe that no current researchers in Lyme Disease and we know that no representatives of the Lyme Disease community were invited to attend – and in fact were not even advised of the review at all, so were unable to make a submission), and secondly we will be able to discover WHAT evidence they based their review on (and what evidence they chose to ignore).

A HUGE thank you to the organisers of the protest (Danielle Ryan and Dayna Parkinson), and especially to all the people who travelled long distances when they were very unwell in order to make sure the voices of the whole Lyme Disease community could be heard.