Doctors Information Kit about Lyme Disease in Australia

The LDAA has written a kit with a wide range of resources regarding Lyme Disease for Doctors, which you can download here – LDAA Drs kit on Lyme Disease in Australia and a easier to print version here – LDAA Doctors kit on Lyme Disease Print Version

If you would like sections of the kit, you can also download them here

letter to Drs regarding Lyme Disease in Australia

Myths surrounding Lyme Disease in Australia handout

An Introduction to Lyme Disease in Australia

Diagnosis of Lyme Disease in Australia handout

Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s) about Lyme Disease in Australia

Lyme Disease and co-infection chart – you an also see this more clearly online here.  This chart was created by L.Jenner in 2010 and is an excellent resource that explains the different symptoms of Lyme Disease and the associated co-infections

ILADS primary care brochure

ILADS tips to prevent chronic Lyme Disease

a pathology request form for IGENEX (specialist Lyme Disease testing Lab in the USA)

How to send blood to IGENEX to get it tested for Lyme Disease and associated co-infections handout

How to interpret Lyme Disease blood test results handout

Lyme Disease Association of Australia membership application form

The Karl McManus Foundation for Lyme Disease Research has also produced some excellent resources on Lyme Disease. You can download the brochures here and you can view their collection of scientific articles here.

Please also feel free to contact the Lyme Disease Association of Australia with any questions you may have – we are here to help you help Lyme Disease sufferers.